NOFO - Wine bar

A gustatory journey, with wine and fork food

The atmosphere in the wine bar is welcoming, like a cosy home, with a rustic kitchen, a companionable lounge and a relaxing library. Food and drinks are set out to appeal to all the senses.

The food takes the form of a kind of Swedish tapas, with every drink having a “companion” in the form of, for example, cheese, cured meats, various medleys or sweeter options. 

The selection of wines is constantly changing and being renewed. The wines may be classic or alternative. The beverages are often organic or biodynamic. The wine bar also serves locally-produced beers, drinks using Swedish ingredients and, of course, alcohol-free alternatives.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Raise a glass with Malva in the Wine Bar 

Say hello to Malva Bröijersén – now in charge of NOFO Vinbar.  You’ll find her in our bar, to the right of Reception.  And one thing is for certain: you won’t often find Malva standing behind the bar. 

- No, I see the bar as a living entity, which makes it both the guests’ and my bar. Coming to NOFO Vinbar should feel like coming home. Providing this feeling is incredibly important to me.


Just who is Malva Bröijersén? 

- I live on Södermalm, which I love, and I have a passion for wine and beer. I also love to share my knowledge about what the guests are drinking.


As a guest, what can I expect from NOFO Vinbar? 

- A great atmosphere! Here, we can sit with a glass of organic wine or a tasty locally-produced beer and discuss the world, Södermalm, Stockholm and life in general. Perhaps we’ll even happen to be visited by a local brewer on that day, who brings with them the very latest beer from their small brewery.