NOFO - Life around NOFO

North of Folkungagatan

From Götgatsbacken down to Slussen, across Stadsgården or the heights of Katarinaberg – towards Danvikstull. Back along Folkungagatan there is a calm city life that we will describe in words and images. There are stores, restaurants and cafés well worth a visit. Soon we’ll tell you what it is that makes life so well worth living in NoFo.

Warmth and cheer in Söder courtyards

This spring has been unusually cold and lacking in sunshine. There are still winter coats to be seen all over the city. But the inner courtyards create a lovely microclimate whenever the sun peeps through. At Tjärhovsgatan 11, hotel guests and residents sit and enjoy the June sunshine. At the NoFo Hotel they are busy putting up signs and getting stationery and new uniforms ready. Cheerful confusion reigns!
Co-working north of Folkungagatan

Co-working north of Folkungagatan

Co-working is a new way of working for people everywhere. Today a great many people across the world work as freelancers. When these people choose to work together instead of sitting on their own, this is called “co-working”. You take your laptop to a café or hotel that is suitable for sitting and working in.

Around NoFo there are a number of co-working locations where you can sit and work.  At Tjärhovsgatan 7 there is COFFICE, which describes itself as a café dedicated to work. There you can have net access and access to meeting places and relationships that enable good creative working. Sandwiches, buns and coffee are all on hand there.

Upcycling vs. recycling

Upcycling involves reusing a durable item by turning it into something new. You create something that is better than the original. We could call that reuse with a bonus. A striking example of this is the renovation and extension of the NoFo hotel on Södermalm in Stockholm. There they have created a unique boutique hotel in an 18th century building that has previously been used, among other things, as a brewery, a military camp and a youth hostel.